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Lior Cohen, XtriM triathlon club head coach

As a Sports Coach, Xtrim’s Sports Management application (powered by Go Heja) provides me with accurate and dedicated monitoring of my training groups, and offers my trainees an excellent system to monitor their increasing levels of fitness and fatigue. Some of my trainees refer to the app as “Big Brother,” that I monitor their workouts and attendance. I refer to it as my “best friend,” enabling me to manage my sports group training sessions both efficiently and effectively. I recommend Go Heja with flying colors, pink colors!

Yosef Lamdan, LamdanTeam head coach

The best system to connect a coach and his trainees successfully.There is comfort in knowing there is someone serious with whom to work and at Go-Heja there is a serious will to consider and implement every request.Go-Heja is a true partner for success.

Nir Richman, Team Matzman triathlon coach

Go Heja helps me monitor my athletes in a manner which is most professional and convenient, and equally as important, it saves me great time in all my dealings as a coach.

Ofer Galitzki, Triathlete, Nitro Sport Club

Nitro’s application (Powered by Go Heja), has taken over my phone and continuously sends alerts reminding me of the brutal workout facing me the following morning.  Love it!