Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about downloads, Sign up and sign in
As a coach, how do I add users?

You don't need to add users yourself. Forward the group code you receive from us to your users.  Users will automatically be listed in your system when they download the Go Heja app and register.  If you are running a custom branded version of Go Heja, users will be automatically listed in your system without the need of a group code.

How can I access my data?

You can access your data using our mobile app (iOS and Android) or the web application.  Additionally, the mobile app will add scheduled practices received from your coach to your mobile device's native calendar as well as alerts. You may manage this interaction using available settings or shut it down altogether.

Can I be in two or more different clubs simultaneously?

Absolutely, but you will need to use different email addresses for each.

What devices are currently supported?

We support iOS and Android smartphones and Garmin, Suunto and Polar sports watches.  Stay tuned as we continue to add more sports watch brands.

Who can see my data?

Only your coach!

OK, I want to join, HOW?

Contact us to open your private area. We will provide a group code for you and your athletes. Just download the Go Heja app to your smartphone and register. That's it - simple and easy!

Questions about athlete MANAGEMENT
Can I manage individual athletes?

Of course you can!  You can also manage by:
sports discipline, groups, sub groups and across multiple groups and individuals.

Can a group have multiple coaches?


Can I coach athletes who are travelling abroad or live in different countries?

Absolutely. There is no geolocation limitation.

What can I see about my athletes?

You can see elaborate and detailed individual and group data related to practices, attendance and physical status.  You may also monitor administrative tasks including payments and the handling of documents.

How can I communicate with my athletes?

There are several means of communication between coaches and athletes enabled by the Go Heja app including: individual and group email as well as instant messaging.

Can I remove an athlete from the list?

Yes. Select the athlete's name in the list and click the recycle bin icon.

Questions about plaNning and tracking
What kind of workouts are supported?

Our system is built around the endurance sports disciplines, but you can use it for any activity in which there is a coach and a trainee.

How do I distribute a training plan to athletes?

Just plan the training schedule in the group calendar and all the members in that group will receive it. You can also allocate a training schedule to individual athletes.

Is there a limit to group size?

No. There is no limit on how many athletes can be in one group.

How can I follow my trainees' workouts?

If the trainee has a sports watch, the data will automatically appear in your private area. For those who don't, they can train with Go Heja on their mobile phone or manually enter their training data.

What is the performance chart?

The Performance Chart incorporates the positive and negative effects of a series of workout loads and displays an athlete's level of fitness and fatigue and the difference between the two over time.

The workout load is calculated from workout intensity and duration and then implemented to the impulse response model established by Banister EW in 1975 and developed by the later works of many sports scientists, including mainly Andy R. Coggan, Ph. D.

Using the Performance Chart, a coach can easily monitor their athletes, set and tweak training goals in order  to maximize their training capability and reduce fatigue and the risk of injury.

With Go-Heja, we provide knowledgeable and experienced coaches with the opportunity to enhance the Performance Chart using their own specific and proprietary information in order to improve performance management.

Questions about cost and payments
Coming soon!

Our cost and payment features are being developed and verified. Stay tuned!