Go Heja is a unique and technologically advanced web and mobile application integrating the sports and business administration needs of Sports Clubs.Go Heja provides highly integrated features designed to maximize coaching ability while minimizing business administration. It incorporates athlete performance tracking and analysis as well as communication, payment management, document handling, and club-specific e-commerce.

About us

We are a group of professional athletes deeply rooted in the world of Endurance Sports and with vast experience in systems development, finance, and business development and management. The idea for Go Heja emerged from our real-life experience in Coaching and being Coached. Our belief is that Coaches need to focus on what they love and excel at while Athletes need a common and highly efficient platform through which they communicate with their Coach, pay for their services and monitor their performance. Go Heja exists to provide coaches the world over with the ability to focus on Sports and leave the business administration to us!